Sundaes to stop PSP

Ice Cream Sundaes – Supporting Individuals with PSP

Eating ice cream is such good fun and is the special ingredient used to raise funds for those with PSP, a disease that has no cure. U-Step was proud to sponsor Cure PSP and  Chicagoland’s PSP Support Group for its Third Annual Sundaes to Stop PSP  yesterday. This year, the event was a virtual, socially-distant BYOIC (bring your own Ice Cream) event that raised needed funds for PSP research, treatment, and an eventual cure.

What is PSP?

Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a rare, degenerative, and incurable brain disorder that has no known cause, treatment, or cure.  It affects nerve cells in the brain that control walking, balance, mobility, vision, speech, and swallowing. It is sometimes misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of dementia because the symptoms are so similar.

PSP is among the “prime of life” spectrum of brain diseases that are often diagnosed when people are most active, have family responsibilities and careers. Symptoms generally appear in a person’s early 60’s, but can also begin in their 40’s. The illness is slightly more common in men than in women.  An average of five to six people per 100,000 will develop PSP, and according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), half of all neurodegeneration in individuals under age 65 involves these types of diseases.

PSP: Mobility Challenges

Having a disease that directly affects mobility, specifically balance and gait issues, is life-changing. PSP, like other neurological disorders, comes with its own unique challenges – as unique as everyone struggling with the symptoms.  Individuals diagnosed with PSP need assistance to prevent falls and help keep themselves mobile.

U-Step: Improving Stability and Mobility for PSP

The U-Step Neuro Walker is excellent at preventing falls due to its stable construction.  When Nancy Odon, co-chair of the Chicagoland PSP Support Group, thanked U-Step for participating in the ice cream fundraiser, she had this to say about the walker:  

 “The Chicagoland PSP Support Group is especially grateful to U-Step for its sponsorship.  We know this product is a real help for people with these diseases, and we’d love for others in our community to hear about it!  I am excited to say that my husband has one, and we hope he will be able to use it for many years to come.  It has helped him immensely, both physically and socially, as he gets around while visiting others.”

Recently, we’ve received very positive reviews of the walker from PSP users on Amazon.  I’d like to share a few:

“My husband has PSP with terrible balance issues. I was reluctant to purchase this walker because he refused to use a regular walker. I’m so glad I finally purchased this Ustep 2. The reverse breaking is perfect for his condition. He has processing delay, so a regular walker isn’t helpful, and one with regular breaking wouldn’t work because he’d fall and then press the breaks. No good. This one is great because he has to press the levers to go forward, and when he lets go, it stops. The weight of it is at the bottom, which helps to discourage backward falling. It is easy to collapse and put in the back of the car. This is a good product that I recommend. Rock 63

“My husband has PSP, far more disabling than Parkinson’s. The U-Step walker automatically brakes and is very stable. He can lean forward on it, which greatly helps him balance. Definitely recommend it!” Amazon customer

We extend our good wishes to Cure PSP and Chicagoland’s PSP Support Group, in the hope that the funds raised will contribute to researching and finding a cure for PSP.

Until then, U-Step will continue to be there with support and assistance to help overcome the difficult challenges caused by this disease.