1 - How can my patients try a U-Step Neuro?

We encourage you to have your patients or their representatives call our toll-free number so our customer service representatives can answer any questions they might have on the product or Medicare/insurance coverage.

The easiest way for your patients to try a U-Step Neuro, is to have them call us at 800-558-7837 and order it.
We have a fully refundable two-week trial.

This will allow them to try it out in their own home or a rehabilitation center. If for any reason they are unsatisfied with the product, they can return it for a full refund. We even refund the initial shipping charge but not the return shipping. In some cases we can direct patients to medical centers that have samples where they can try it out.

2 - Medicare/Insurance coverage

The U-Step Neuro is the only neurological walker covered by Medicare. For example, it is covered for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Stroke, to name a few of the more common conditions where a person would use the U-Step Neuro. Medicare also covers if for people who have limited use of one hand and need one-handed brake controls.

The U-Step Neuro Medicare code (HCPCS) is E0147. As a national Medicare provider, In-Step Mobility, can submit claims on your patient’s behalf. Medicare reimburses up to $400.

Any Medicare provider can also order in and submit claims for your patients. The U-Step Neuro is reimbursable under Medicare Part B, which is only for home. Patient’s in the hospital or skill care facility, would not be eligible under their Part B benefits. Prior equipment, such as the purchase of walkers, wheelchairs or scooters, could disqualify them from Medicare coverage.

In cases where a customer would not be eligible, In-Step offers discounts. In-Step also works with foundations, which often cover the cost when it is an issue.

Insurance Companies & Medicare replacement Plans

Many insurance plans and Medicare replacement plans often cover some or all the cost of the U-Step. In some cases a patient will need to purchase the U-Step Neuro through a preferred distributor to obtain coverage.   Our office staff can help you in determining your insurance coverage on the U-Step Neuro.

3 - Checking Medicare/Insurance eligibility

Checking Medicare/Insurance eligibility By faxing In-Step at 847-676-1202 with the pertinent patient information and a prescription, we can check into your patient’s eligibility and coverage for the U-Step Neuro and get back to you or your patient with this information.

4 - Prescribing information

Guide for Prescribing the U-Step Neuro Walking Stabilizer 

  1. Fill out the following Detailed Order/Prescription form
  1. Medicare requires physician’s notes detailing your conversation with your patient and explaining that you are recommending the U-Step Neuro Walking Stabilizer because their neurological condition puts them at significant risk of falling with a standard walker.
  1. Please fax the following information to (847) 676-1202 and we will follow up with your patient or their family representative. (In-Step Mobility has HCAC accreditation and is HIPPA compliant)
    • Face sheet – Patient contact and insurance information
    • Detailed Order/Prescription
    • Physician Notes

Please call us at (800) 558-7837 if you have questions.  Thank you for your support – we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your patients.

5 - Obtaining sample unit for neurological center

6 - Rehabilitation patient videos

7 - Request remote In-service

By requesting remote In-service video conferencing, In-Step will provide you with product demonstrations at your convenience. To schedule a demonstration, please e-mail jmiller@ustep.com and request an in-service.

8 - Request literature

Please e-mail your literature requests to walkers@ustep.com, please specify which products and how many brochures you would like if each product.

9 - Questions or other requests

If you have any questions or requests, please e-mail In-Step at walkers@ustep.com Please allow two business days for a response. You are also welcome to call us toll free at