The U-Step Neuro is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans
for those with neurological conditions affecting their walking.


The U-Step Neuro is the only neurological walker covered by Medicare. For example, it is covered for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Stroke, to name a few of the more common conditions, where a person would use the U-Step Neuro. Medicare also covers if for people who have limited use of one hand and need one-handed brake controls.

The U-Step Neuro Medicare code (HCPCS) is E0147. As a national Medicare provider, In-Step Mobility, can submit claims on your patient’s behalf. Medicare reimburses up to $400.

Any Medicare provider can also order in and submit claims for your patients. The U-Step Neuro is reimbursable under Medicare Part B, which is only for home. Patient’s in the hospital or skill care facility, would not be eligible under their Part B benefits. Prior equipment, such as the purchase of walkers, wheelchairs or scooters, could disqualify them from Medicare coverage.

In cases where a customer would not be eligible, In-Step offers discounts. In-Step also works with foundations, which often cover the cost when it is an issue.

Insurance Companies & Medicare replacement Plans
Many insurance plans and Medicare replacement plans often cover some or all the cost of the U-Step. In some cases a patient will need to purchase the U-Step Neuro through a preferred distributor to obtain coverage. Our office staff can help you in determining your insurance coverage on the U-Step Neuro.