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“The U-Step walker has changed my life. I just love that I can have confidence to walk securely. I have more energy to walk because I can walk steadily and correctly. I do a lot of walking to shops in the area – if I can walk there, I’ll go because I have a walker that gives me confidence that I can make it. I have more energy to do more things because I’m not struggling to stay upright and not fall. I also love all the ways to carry things wherever I go. Thanks again for a great product!”


“I have Parkinson’s disease and recently, since my DBS, have developed freezing of gait. It makes walking, in addition to my dystonia, exhausting and scary. I could no longer get my feet to get me from point a to point b.
I finally decided I needed assistance so I phoned my MDS at the Cleveland Clinic to ask for a script for a walker. That same day a gal from UStep in Skokie Illinois phoned and my walker was on its way the next day. I also had a 2 week trial period.
The video shows me using my U-Step the day it arrived. It’s well built and very sturdy. The laser has given me the ability to beat the freeze and walk. It’s given me some of my lost independence for which there aren’t words to describe the joy.”


“I am 84 years old, battling cancer and Parkinson’s disease. I like that my new U Step Neuro Walker is comfortable with nice seating and gives me more confidence and security in my mobility. The adjustable handles make sure that they are at the appropriate height for me! The five wheels also make the walker very sturdy. The laser beam helps me walk at the right stride and I feel as though I can walk farther with less effort.”


“Hi, my name is Peter Croke. I have had trouble walking for the past 25 years. It (The U-step) was recommended by my home care therapist back in January when I fell and broke two bones at the bottom of my leg and had to have surgery.
I am very thankful for the U-step and have used it ever since.
I like that it brakes first, so when I am unsteady, I know that the walker is solid, and when I relax, I can go forward by pressing the handles. Again, Thank you for the walker, as the other walkers do not reach my height. (I am 6 ft tall).”


“ U-step has been an absolute God send! My only regret is that I did not know about it sooner!
My mother was having difficulty with stability, and was falling frequently.
She went from totally independent, to totally dependent just to walk. We had tried other walkers, but none of those worked in her favour.
Her neurologist recommended U-step.
I was optimistic while ordering. But the day it arrived, it was like no walker I had ever seen! We stood my mom up and had her do a test run!
She has been unstoppable since!
U-step gave her back her independence, and gave us a piece of mind!
We now go on our daily walks again without worrying about her falling. The built in brake system prevents her from letting the U-step from getting away from her, and the built in seat allows her to take as many breaks she needs, without worrying about when we will get to a place where she can sit and rest! The under seat storage compartment is SO AMAZING! It allows her to carry, snacks, purse, cell phone medication, and hydration at all times while keeping her hands free!
I would recommend U-step 1000x to anyone who may have a loved one one instability issues. They would not be disappointed! “


“I have Parkinson’s disease; The U-step is indispensable to a good quality of life for people like me”


“As a parkinsons patient I have FOG (freezing of gait). I can be walking and for no apparent reason my legs stop working – sometime for minutes. It can be very frustrating. A physical therapist found that I reacted to visual signals by attaching a dart board laser line to a walker. That led to the U-step II with the laser line. It worked so well for me that I now have 2 – 1 in the house and 1 in the back of my SUV. Since our house as multiple levels I also have canes with laser prompts for when I am on a level where I don’t have the walker. It has made a real difference in my mobility.”


“He (Wayne) has Parkinson’s so we purchased the UStep II for him. His MDS neurologist, Dr. David Shprecher, and his staff at Banner Sun Health Research Institute highly recommended it to us for his recovery from a broken femur for added balance security and walking safety.
They had one at the office that he was able to practice walking with prior to purchase which was ideal.
I came home and ordered one immediately! As his care partner, I am able to lift it in and out of our SUV which is critically important to using this equipment. Fortunately, he completed his physical therapy for his injury and is stronger than ever so he’s not using any walking assistance devices at this time. We are definitely storing it for future use!”

Kathy, Wayne’s Wifehttps://

“(Before the U-step) I had an old school walker that made it very hard to get around. I could not use a rollator walker because I have Parkinson’s. I tend to pitch forward and can’t stop, making me a fall risk.
My wife researched walkers for Parkinson’s patients and found your website. It was highly recommended by neurologists. When I spoke to my doctor about it she was onboard with me getting one.
The U-Step has made me more mobile again. I can take it anywhere and not be afraid of falling. And most of all I can enjoy being outdoors again! It has truly made my life better.”


“I have had Parkinson’s Disease for 24 years and have been struggling with my mobility for at least the last 10 years. I tried using a cane, but I would use it for balance more than walking. Over the years, I have started to lean to the right while I walk and can end up running around n a circle to stop myself from falling, but 9 out of 10 times, I end up falling. (The U-Step) was recommended by my neurologist, but other people I have talked to have all said they love it because it greatly improves their stability and prevents falls. People even said that they would have fallen while using conventional walkers.
I have found that the U-Step walker has proved my stability and endurance and has eliminated my leaning to the right, which has removed my chances of falling. It has also improved my confidence in my walking ability which has improved my self-assurance when going out.”


“I have a rare neurological disease called Multiple System Atrophy. This condition leaves me unable to walk without assistance.
I have tried several different types of walkers, but none gave me the stability, nor the freedom of mobility that I’ve experienced when using the U-Step.”


“I am so glad I purchased the U-Step. I feel much more #secure with this walker. It has kept me from falling flat on my face when I festinated. I can now navigate the long hallways so well that I
have stopped using my motorized wheelchair.
My neighbor who was not thrilled with my procuring a motorized wheelchair, IS excited about
the U-Step. She said it’s the beginning of the end for people who start using a wheelchair.
I say using the U-Step is the beginning of a more #active life style.”


“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 7 years ago. The last few years my disease has gotten out of control, and I found my self not able to walk at all at times due to my freezing spells.
My neurologist recommended the LaserCane and my daughter very quickly got it for me.
It has been life changing. Yes, I still have freezing spells, but this device has brought me my mobility back. I went to the store just yesterday where I have not been able to step foot in a store for over 3 years. I 100% recommend U-step!”


“Prior to the U Step I was having more difficulty with my walking and balance. I had seen my neurologist, a movement specialist, and she recommended that now was the time to get a walker to help prevent falls.
Prevention of falls would be the key moving forward, At that appointment she also adjusted and increased some of my medications. We left her and ordered the walker the next day and started my new medications. I must confess the meds improved my occasional small step fast walking, my freezing, and my instability immediately.
The walker arrived the next week. Even though I was much improved, I did and still use it on days I am feeling off, overly tired, or going on an outing. It has made me feel more secure and even though just have used it a few times I can see the ease of navigating with it will become more helpful as my Parkinson’s goes through its progression.
I know one day probably sooner than later, it will be a daily tool to help me navigate through this. I will be adding the laser as I progress. I will add the customer service was excellent in answering questions and expediting with my insurance company. I am a 77 year old male who left law 12 years ago as I was having issues then. Started with hand tremor and being confused, then resulting as the years went on with balance speech problems and slow unsteady gait, and freezing.
I wasn’t diagnosed until a few years ago, after a fall. I knew deep down I had the illness as I saw my dad struggle with it for years. Finding the right team of drs to work together in my care has been most helpful. I am not an easy soul and fight over every medicine change, therapy, etc but in the end, I trust my motion neurologist and know fighting and denying this disease is not the way for me to go.
I am trying to accept the changes and the walker is a hard one for me to admit I need on the days that I do, but I am trying to embrace it and know with time I will. ”


Multiple Sclerosis

I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 20 years now, symptoms for 30. My main symptom is balance and stability. This past year I fell twice resulting in a broken back… and their biggest concern for sending me home was my outdated walker. The physical therapist showed me a U-Step walker that was far more stable than my dinosaur. I was able to use the U-Step for the duration of my stay….the owner of U-Step, Jonathan Miller took time to demonstrate the improved U-Step II for me [at the showroom], and to my great satisfaction, it was perfectly designed for people like me! The U-Step II…has the stability I need to prevent falls, zoom around and the turning radius allows me to get out of tight areas. The bumper guards protect my furniture! The unique curb access is awesome, I don’t worry about having to stop and pick up my walker and risk losing my balance.

This is something I highly recommend to anyone with balance issues.  Thank you for a great design.

Karin Schmidt


I have ataxia, and I knew that I was needing something because I was having a lot of trouble getting around outside. I was avoiding doing things outside with friends and family because of the ambulatory issue.

Now that I have the u-step, I am more active outside. Over the weekend I participated in my first 5K. I walked, but I made it the whole way! Without the U-Step, I could never be able to make it a quarter of the distance. When I go mall walking and shopping, it is right there along with me. I have noticed that when I am out and about, I have more confidence. It has had a profound impact on my outlook. Thank you so much for creating this amazing aid!

Emily Medina

Parkinson’s disease

“We just got [our UStep walker] today, we’ve had it for about 3 hours, and my husband is already in love with it…He can already tell he’s standing straighter, and using muscles in his legs that he wasn’t and to feel engaging before with the old walker. He’s confident that it will help him rehabilitate to walking easier and better for longer periods.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product and for being so helpful and courteous and friendly. Our experience with your company has been 100% positive.”

Julia Clark

I can not tell you what [U-Step]  has done for my father and his stability in walking! He has always been an avid walker but as his PK has progressed he started falling more and more. Last year he had a hip replacement and 4 broken ribs! His U-Step II has become another appendage for him.

He loves carrying everything: his razor, newspaper, wallet, and snacks are almost always found in the basket. He is now able to go outside and get the mail and carry it himself, something that has become a ritual for him. We also get comments from everyone who sees the walker and is so impressed with how well the caster wheels allow him to turn easily and with the U-shaped design which provides a level of independence because I don’t have to worry about him falling. The laser light that we added really helped him to “stay in the walker”, something that he had so much trouble with when using his old walker.

The fact that the “normal” state of the brakes is that they are on and that it can only move if you have disengaged them when ready to walk is a safety feature that should be on ALL walkers. I am looking forward to another summer of walking everywhere with him once he gets his “new set of wheels”!

Bonnie Sue Fisher

“We highly recommend the U-Step II Walker. My husband has early onset progressive Parkinson’s disease and is at high risk for falls.  In the past he has owned 3 different type walkers and we have found the U-step II walker to be by far the best walker available for its ease of use, comfort, and stability in preventing falls. Love the fact it has an adjustable tension control to add more resistance if needed and that the user must squeeze the brake lever in order for the walker to move forward.  These great features prevent the walker from going too fast while allowing user to maintain full control at all times. It also folds up flatter than other walkers for ease of transporting.”

Mr & Mrs Clark From NC

My dad has Parkinson’s and used the U-Step walker for the first time at a rehab facility when he was recovering from pneumonia. The physical therapists told us that he was much better making turns using the U-Step. They let us try it out at the house when he came home. He liked it so much and maneuvered so well with it we got one for him. It is lot sturdier than a standard walker so it helps him tremendously with his balance and stability. The U-Step walker has been the best thing we have found to keep my dad safe and to prevent him from falls.


My husband has been using a U-STEP II walker for the last three years. It has literally kept him out of a wheelchair.  It is well built and extremely versatile. We are ordering a second U-Step so that we can keep one in the car for long walks and for visiting friends. I highly recommend purchasing a U-Step if you are concerned about mobility. It is an excellent product and has increased our quality of life.

M Clarkson

Before getting the U-Step II,  I used a cane and I could not even walk around the block.  The first time I went walking with my U-Step, I was able to walk for over a mile with my wife. My internist cannot get over how much my stride has improved.  I like that I stand up straight with it.  I feel very safe walking now and it has make getting around so much easier.

John Harper

I just received my my U-Step II. Thank you, thank you and thank you!  This is one of the nicest designed things I have ever seen.  It is something designed by a Swiss watchmaker.  It is a piece of art.  I am really thankful for this walker – I thought I lost my ability to walk.  I got it back! Thank you!

Joseph Marley

Thank you so much Jonathan. My uncle is 89 and I cannot tell you how much he loves the U-Step. His physical therapists were awed by it. We certainly appreciate your help.

Linda Wismer

[The U-Step] is stable, easy to fold and exactly as advertised. It arrived in a timely manner and with suitable instructions for the small amount of attaching parts.

Jean Justeau Payneon, Amazon

My dad is so much safer using this walker in his home. It is well made and very sturdy. It has given me a little more peace of mind that he is safer with this type of walker.


Easy to set up. good customer service. My wife feels more secure when she uses it.

Ray Thompsonon, Amazon

Great walker! This walker has been an amazing aid for our son. It has given him some independence and confidence with his walking.

Shelia Ron, Amazon

“My wife Harriet has Parkinson’s Disease. My wife had been having balance problems and many, many falls.  She was a frequent emergency room visitor with black and blue marks over one side of her entire body.  She had suffered 3 broken ribs and a fall in the bathroom where she hit her head and took four staples to close the wound. Then in August of 2015, we got the U-Step Walker… She doesn’t go anywhere without it in front of her It’s a part of her life, of our life.  There has been no falls since we got the U-Step Walker. The U-Step Walker literally saved her life.”

Burt Gavzer

My mother purchased a U-Step II a few years ago and recently (2017) ordered the upgraded version.  The U-Step II practically comes fully assembled right out of the box.  I like that the controls for the laser module have moved to the handlebar, making it much easier than bending down to adjust it.  The wheels are slightly larger, making them more stable and resilient to wear and tear.  The seat has a built-in basket, is sturdier and boasts a magnetic shut and close feature. The wires stay in place with much less chance of getting caught, and the knobs make adjust the height of the handlebars easier. The red light option that provides a visual cue for walking stays on longer but uses less battery.  Even traveling with the U-Step has become easier because of the simple-to-use plastic lock that holds the unit in place after it has been folded.  Basically,  anything that could have been improved was improved.

Only an inventor like Jonathan, who was inspired to invent the U-Step for Parkinson’s patients like his mother, could have enhanced such a wonderful walking aide.  What a blessing the U-Step II has been to my ninety-two-year-old mother, who can continue to walk and maintain her mobility around the house and keep a sense of independence.

Grace April

I am an 84-year-old retired attorney who has had Parkinson’s for about ten years.   About two years ago,  I went to a Health South rehabilitation center for my walking issues.  I came in with a basic walker with tennis balls on the rear legs.  My therapist recommended I try the U-Step II.  The first time I tried it, I was able to walk so much faster and better than with the walker I had been using every day.  As I used it more, I got better and better.   I discarded my walker and got a U-Step II.  It totally changed my ability to walk.  I did not need to use the laser beam, but for the people who do it is great.   Aside from in the house, I use the U-Step II when going to restaurants, Church, and many other places.  I feel a greater command of my Parkinson’s. It was built low to the ground for stability and is well made and engineered well.  It has made a huge difference in my independence and I would recommend it to anyone with a balance problem.

J Hart

My husband just received his new U-Step walker. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14 years ago, and is turning 80. In only four days, he has gone from being stooped over, pushing his old walker and leaning on it, to standing upright and walking with his instep reaching the guide light.  

We had to take it up to our local hospital and show the physical therapists and his family doctor the big difference.  A number of people stopped us to ask about the walker. He was able to walk/stand continuously for 35 minutes today, the longest he has been able to do that in several yearsWe will be going to a local Parkinson’s support group this week to show the walker to other patients.  I am so grateful to Ron’s neurologist for telling us about the walker and ordering it for us, and to U-Step for developing this!

Judith Smith

Your invention is fabulous. Just yesterday, my mother said that twice it has saved her from falling because of its design and stability. That is a major blessing and brings you great merit, and I hope I share in this a little since I got the U-Step for her and convinced her to use it.

Falling is a huge risk for her and she has had 8 major surgeries, many being joint replacements due to falls. She also has Parkinson’s, and the walker is , as people call it at her retirement home, “a Rolls Royce.”  Considering that Medicare paid for the entire thing with a doctor’s prescription, I can’t see any reason why anyone would take risks with these stupid, bone-breaking tri-wheeled things.

Tom Olson

My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in January 2014.  By this time, she had been using a traditional walker with two wheels on the front legs and skids on the rear legs for two years.  It was very hard for her to make turns and to move from a sit to standing.  We visited her neurologist to get an order for a power scooter but the doctor thought Mom would be able to use a U-Step walker.  Mom first tried it at her doctor’s office and even though she could walk better, she still objected and wanted the scooter.  That’s when the doctor told her that if she didn’t ‘move it, she’d lose it’, meaning, use your muscles or they will stop working for you.  Mom and I reached a deal; Try the U-Step for 2-weeks.  If she wasn’t able to walk better and safer, we would take the next step and get the scooter.  That was three years ago.  She’s still walking with her U-Step.

Steve Klopfer

U -step walking stabilizer .. Awesome. A must-have piece of equipment for people with balance problems… It is so stable and having the reverse braking system allows me to feel more secure.

Mary, Amazon

I am a home health PT and work with a lot of patients with Parkinson’s disease. This week, I helped a patient get a U-Step walker. It’s the first one I’ve worked with in my career. I just had to write to tell you this walker is a miracle. My patient has been wheelchair bound for almost a year. We’ve worked in therapy with other walkers and different exercises, gait training, safety awareness with no luck in increasing his function. After two visits with his U-Step, he is ambulating without assist and will now be able to leave assisted living and move back home with his wife! It has truly given him his life back...I just had to write to thank you for such a great product. It is changing the lives of people who may have given up hope on being able to walk again!

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Lasercane testimonials

“My husband has had Parkinson’s for 19 years and the Lasercane is a big help.  He uses the cane all the time but, when he cannot initiate his steps, he turns the laser on and steps to the light.”

Jeri MichellPortland, OR

“It is great for me.  It helps me in turning and when I freeze in a crowd it helps me get started.”

George McPheeStouffville, Ontario, Canada

“I want to tell you about an unanticipated benefit of the laser cane.  Since you have a family member with PD, perhaps you have experienced the isolation and withdrawal patients often fell.  The laser cane is guaranteed to start a conversation.  Ron now has returned to “the cutting edge,” as he was when he was a world-renowned neuro-opthalmologist.  Thanks for your help.

SharonNew York, NY

The Lasercane is helpful for taking bigger steps.  My wife tells me when I use the Lasercane, I do not shuffle around the house.  I do not always need the laser but, having a cane to use is helpful.  It is reassuring to know when I freeze that I have the Laser to depend on.  The only draw back is everyone who sees it wants to know about it.”

George GiffordMedfield ,MA

“I have Parkinson’s disease.  For the past several years I have suffered many falls that have resulted from “freezing”.  Freezing occurs when some Parkinson’s patients start to walk, turn, approach a doorway or it may occur in any maneuver while walking. 

I have had the use of a laser cane for two months now and the visual cue of a line projected across the floor at the base of the cane has significantly improved my ability to overcome freezing and therefore has also decreased the anxiety I have had of falling. 

I applaud the research efforts of ,In-Step Mobility Corp., The development of a laser cane is another move forward in the fight against Parkinson’s disease!”

Frederick QuinlanSaugus, MA
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