Gift of LaserCue

Grandpa doesn’t need another sweater…

It’s holiday time, and while it’s great fun shopping for all of your loved ones, aging parents and grandparents are often the most challenging. We all know how important it is to show them that we appreciate them and care, but we also know that they simply don’t need another robe or sweater. 

The greatest gift you can give your aging loved ones is the gift of walking. Mobility means continued independence and freedom, in addition, it also contributes to longevity and overall health as it keeps the heart and muscles active. 

We recently created a new product called the “LaserCue” which is just one more way in which In-Step is helping to keep people moving. Co-created with Michael J. Fox, the LaserCue is an attachment module that can fit on virtually any cane you choose.  The LaserCue projects a laser light onto the floor in front of you, preventing gait freezing and ultimately keeping your grandpa or grandma walking. 

Here are just a few suggestions of gifts like the LaserCue that you can find to give your loved ones the most precious gift this holiday: the gift of walking. 

Supportive shoes

Quality supportive shoes can be expensive. Surprise your loved one and buy them a nice set of comfortable and balanced shoes. Slip-on shoes and shoes with elastic shoelaces in place work best and are the easiest to take on and off. Buckle-close shoes and Velcro-closing shoes also work well.

Invest in their Hobby

Having a reason to get out of the house is one of the best motivating factors when trying to convince your loved one to be more active. Whether its a local chess club, sewing group, or photography workshop, your loved one will enjoy getting out into the world and making new friendships. This will also motivate them to keep going and investing in themselves and their interests. 

Wellness Classes

Gifting your loved one with Parkinson’s a wellness class can help them build core strength and agility which will enable them to walk for longer stints of time more comfortably. People living with Parkinson’s often partake in yoga, tia chi, seated dance, and core movement classes with approval from their doctor. To find Parkinson’s specific classes in your area, try this Google search: “Parkinson’s wellness & exercise classes in my area”

Step Counter

A simple step counter can help individuals set mobility goals and keep to them. This specific model has a large display and is easy to use. If you are looking for a small but practical gift, a step counter may be perfect.

Spotify or Audible Subscription 

We all know that walking and keeping our bodies moving is always easier when our mind is occupied by something else. Think about buying a subscription to Spotify or Audible as a gift so your family member can stay entertained while they move and get out of the house. 

Personalized Custom Cane

The LaserCue can be attached to most standard-sized canes. Picking out a personalized cane will give your loved one the chance to express themselves through their mobility accessory. LaserCue also comes in 3 different designs so you can make the right choice for whichever cane you choose. Whether you are looking for a specific color/pattern or looking to get your cane inscribed, this website has a great selection of custom options. 

Anti-slip Gloves 

In the winter, traditional gloves can cause issues for individuals walking with a cane because they can easily slip out of hand due to the slickness of the standard fleece material. If you buy anti-slip gloves, it will help your loved ones keep hold of their cane and feel more secure (and warm) when venturing outside this winter.

There is nothing I find more rewarding as a business owner than hearing stories of someone who thought their life of independent mobility was over, and through the use of our products is able to continue getting around, moving, walking… and spending quality time with their families. 

Wishing all of our customers, caregivers, physical therapists, and readers a wonderful holiday season.