Q&A for Your First Mobility Device

Q&A for Your First Mobility Device

When it’s time for someone to begin using a mobility device, it is often up to a medical professional to speak with them about the transition ahead. Though this introductory conversation is difficult and demanding, it is necessary to keep those in our care healthy and safe.  It’s important to remind them that mobility devices are used to improve their quality of life, not limit them or take away their independence.  

When approaching a tough conversation, it is important to come informed. Below are some of the common concerns individuals have about using a cane or a walker for the first time. 

Will I lose my independence?

The short answer is no. People will most likely gain independence and mobility through the use of their new mobility device. Though it may take some time getting used to, the security provided by a cane or walker gives individuals confidence in their walking abilities and allows them to walk for longer periods of time, than they were before using the mobility device.

Will I be able to go out of the house while using my mobility device?

Yes! Most walkers and canes can easily be transported in a car and even on public transit systems. If transportability is a major concern to the person, be sure to research and keep this in mind when helping them make a purchase. 

U-Step makes transportation easy by offering products that are durable and easy to open and close. Our new U-Step Neuro model will be even smaller, making it compact and simple to set-up on-the-go, more details of the new model coming soon.

Will I need to use my mobility device all of the time?

Not necessarily, but most people do become reliant on their mobility device. It is so much better for one’s long term health to use a device all of the time than to fall and potentially injure themselves. One can always check back in with their trusted medical professional for a new opinion if they feel their mobility device is not suited for their needs. 

Do I need to prepare my home before I get a mobility device?

Though most houses have no issue accommodating a mobility device, here are a few things to consider:

  • Rugs, cords, tripping hazards;
  • Narrow hallways and doorways;
  • Having a designated space to store your walker in convenient places around the house.

The situations listed above could impact patients using a mobility device. It is best to clear pathways and remove floor coverings that could get in the way of a walker or cane before bringing it home for the first time. 

How will the use of a mobility device change my day-to-day life? 

Using a mobility device will give individuals the chance to move around independently while also preventing falls. The introduction of a mobility device will help users become more self-sufficient and will promote independent movement. 

“Before getting the U-Step Neuro,  I used a cane and I could not even walk around the block.  The first time I went walking with my U-Step, I was able to walk for over a mile with my wife. My internist cannot get over how much my stride has improved.  I like that I stand up straight with it. I feel very safe walking now and it has made getting around so much easier.” –John Harper

Though getting over the initial aversion to using a walking aid is challenging, once a person makes peace with it, they will benefit from increased independence, movement, and longevity. U-Step is committed to working one-on-one with our clients to ensure they are equipped with the right product from our line of advanced walking aids. We offer on-line in-serves to medical professionals and medical suppliers.  We also have an excellent customer service staff who are knowledgeable about our line of mobility products and are a phone call away. For questions or to request more information, click here.